2013 ICOLD Annual Meeting: Seattle, Washington (USA)

Seattle, Washington

The 81st Annual Meeting of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) will take place in Seattle, Washington (USA), in August 2013.

The program includes eigth workshops, a symposium, pre-meeting and post-meeting study tours, technical tours as well as social and cultural events from August 12 to August 16.

The theme of the symposium on Wednesday, August 14, is “Changing Times: Infrastructure Development to Infrastructure Management”. This theme recognizes that much of the world, including the United States, faces the challenges of managing an aging dam infrastructure during a time when sustainability, safety and security concerns are paramount.Concurrent sessions and a poster session will maximize opportunities for delegates to make presentations.

Post-meeting toursEight half-day workshops on Thursday and Friday will highlight new developments and experiences in the long term management of dams. The workshops will focus on current “hot topics” which have been discussed extensively in the United States, and are of interest internationally. Each workshop will cover the U.S. experience, and also discuss the international perspective. USSD Technical Committees will organize the workshops.

You may find further information at the ICOLD 2013 website or by downloading the initial bulletin in this link.