Dam Safety 2012

Dam Safety 2012, is one of the leading conferences in the United States dedicated to dam safety engineering and technology transfer.

Dam Safety 2012

This annual conference is organized by ASDSO (Association of State Dam Safety Officials). This year the conference was held in Denver (Colorado) from September 16-21, 2012.

In addition, the 5th Annual National Dam Security Forum was also held in the Colorado Convention Center and it has provided State dam safety officials, owners, operators and additional stakeholders with a unique opportunity to discuss a variety of technical and non-technical issues pertaining to the safety, security and resilience of the Nation’s dams and related infrastructure. Lori Spragens, ASDSO Executive Director and Enrique Matheu, Department of Homeland Security were Forum Co-Chairs.

Dam Safety 2013 will be held September 8-12 at the Providence Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island.