2nd International DAM WORLD Conference (Lisbon, Portugal, April 2015)

The Second International DAM WORLD Conference (DW2015) will take place in Lisbon (Portugal) on April 21-24, 2015.


This event, organized by the Portuguese National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC), will include high level scientific sessions, Plenary Lecturers and One-Day Courses.

In addition, the DW2015 Technical Tour will include a technical visit to the final works of Foz Tua dam and a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Alto Douro Wine Region.   

The main themes of the conference include:

Douro River


  • T1 – Concrete and Masonry Dams
  • T2 – Embankment Dams
  • T3 – Appurtenant Works
  • T4 – Tailing Dams
  • T5 – Environmental Issues
  • T6 – Finance and Economic Aspects
  • T7 – Regulation


Further information can be found at www.dw2015.lnec.pt

Contact: Conference Secretariat (damworld@lnec.pt)


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